redneck mafia gang




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redneck mafia gang members in miami

redneck mafia is white american street gang

that has bases in southren united states as la san franisco san diego houston & dallas

there members are usual of lower class backgrounds

== episode 3 ==

gang unit got the call to stop redneck mafia after the death of police officer

the redneck mafia was resonpbile after the was confedrate bannna

the gang has been la since the 1940's the gang membership is over 100,000 in usa alone

the gang unit arrest member cletus bob jenkins one of gang members of gang

jenkins confessed who the killed the police officer but jenkins was killed by the gang before

more info can come up after that the gang unit arrested the murderer of cop

billy bob wallace who shot himself at end episode diaz told redneck mafia leader i'ts not over yet

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